By Guitar Amplifi…
Baby Will, Roxanne and Terry Stinger

Welcome to the new Guitar Amplifier PCBs web site. Roxane has made the tough decision to pass on the legacy of Terry Stinger's wonderful guitar amplifier PCBs.

As a result, a number of changes are underway, including this new web site.

Guitar Amplifier PCBs is now under new ownership with one of Terry's friends, Simon Higgs, who will keep the torch alive. Simon worked with Terry testing some of the early PCBs and is also the Executive Director of Wattkins Amp Forums (for whom Terry designed the Tweed 5E3 PCB).

Because Terry's company Stinger Tube Audio LLC is no more, having been dissolved after Terry's death, all the billing will now be done through the new owner, Higgs Communications, LLC.

We thank you for your patience over the past few months as we made the transition.

Please enjoy the new web site and if you have any questions about the products, check out the new support forum links above.